Building Leadership Skills for New Managers

Is there a difference between leadership and management? Which one do I need to achieve my workplace goals? 

We will hone in on the 5 key elements that make a great leader and what strategies you can implement right away as a manager. Participants will identify the unique type of leadership that they exude, and discuss what type of leader they want to be moving forward. This session will provide time to practice key skills such as leadership coaching, motivating teams, and setting mission-aligned expectations. Each participant will leave with a custom Leadership Action Plan where they will compile key learnings and actions they plan to take moving forward. 

Topics Addressed: Leadership, management, types of leadership, 

Course Level: Introductory 

Who should attend: 

  • Professionals new to leadership positions.
  • Nonprofit leaders seeking to improve their leadership skills. 

Method of Facilitation: discussion, lecture, case studies, individual reflection 

This work will amplify the impact of nonprofits by helping participants:

  • Discuss the difference between managing and leading.
  • Learn the 5 key elements that all great leaders practice. 
  • Practice key skills, including coaching, program managing, and setting expectations.
  • Create a custom Personal Action Plan.

Jim Henderson, Jim Henderson Consulting
February 23, 2017; 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
$60.00 for Members; $125.00 for nonmembers; $35.00 for students
One Star
Center for Nonprofit Management


This workshop has already started and registrations are no longer being accepted. If you are interested in taking this course, please refer to the list below to find another time with the course will be offered.

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