CNM Trainers

Jessica Benton, Elevate Consulting

After spending time as a community organizer, farm hand, and cake baker, Jessica found her professional home in evaluation. Jessica is originally from Memphis and came to Nashville in 2011 to attend graduate school at Vanderbilt’s Peabody College. During her graduate education she was trained in program evaluation and organizational development from an ecological perspective. She has been leading evaluation projects for the past 5 years, working with federal and state funded projects, as well as evaluations for private companies. She is really into scrapbooking, British murder mystery shows, and her sweet puppy, Roland. 

Elevate Consulting is a Nashville-based consulting firm that partners with service organizations to help them find ways to better solve problems, tell their stories, and share their impact. Founded in 2016, Elevate utilizes innovative and participatory approaches to meet organizations where they are in their evaluation journey, to value their expertise and experience, and to enable them to better serve their community. Their core beliefs of collaboration, creativity, capacity-building, and accessibility drive their work with clients.