CNM Trainers

Hannah Wohltjen, Elevate Consulting

Hannah Wohltjen is a program evaluator who is passionate about making evaluation approachable, accessible, and useful.Hannah couldn’t decide whether she preferred quantitative or qualitative research and evaluation methods, so she specialized in both by earning her medical anthropology from the University of Kentucky and her M.P.H. in prevention and community health from the George Washington University. She has experience with all phases of evaluation, but is particularly interested in evaluation design, innovative data collection methods, and data visualization.Hannah has had the opportunity to work on evaluation projects with a variety of state agencies and nonprofits. 

Elevate Consulting is a Nashville-based consulting firm that partners with service organizations to help them find ways to better solve problems, tell their stories, and share their impact. Founded in 2016, Elevate utilizes innovative and participatory approaches to meet organizations where they are in their evaluation journey, to value their expertise and experience, and to enable them to better serve their community. Their core beliefs of collaboration, creativity, capacity-building, and accessibility drive their work with clients.