CNM Trainers

Kate Monaghan, Consultant, Center for Nonprofit Management

Areas of Expertise: Facilitating collaboration and partnerships among nonprofit organizations, Mergers, Strategic Planning.

Experience: 7 years

Partnerships between organizations are never simple and rarely easy, but Kate Monaghan’s knowledge and expertise help turn these challenges into success.

When Senior Citizen’s Inc. and Bellevue Family YMCA decided to join together to create a new facility, Kate’s assistance helped guide them into the beginning of a flourishing partnership. Kate helped the organizations work together to consider the best ways to share facilities, staff, and programming.

Kate helped make sure that everyone was unified in the goals they wanted to accomplish and was excellent in following up with the results of their work. Kate’s assistance has helped make the vision for the Bellevue Family YMCA and J.L. Turner Center for Lifelong Learning a reality as they plan for their grand opening this September.

“Kate was great to work with, and she is very pragmatic,” said Janet Jernigan, executive director of Senior Citizens Inc. “Anytime that two organizations are working together there are always a number of agenda items, so it is always good to have someone who takes the responsibility to keep the process.”

In addition to a successful collaboration between the Bellevue YMCA and Senior Citizen’s, Inc., Kate’s depth of experience and specialized focus has made her one of Tennessee’s leaders in the field of strategic alliances and collaborations. She has experience working with more than 60 nonprofit clients on forming collaborations, program transfer, mergers, co-locations and other partnering arrangements, while helping them set their goals and achieve success.

Kate also served as the Director of the Innovation and Collaboration Center from 1999-2001 and is a CNM consultant. She also served as the Executive Director of the Nashville Civic Design Center from 2004 to 2007.