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Larry W. Bridgesmith

Larry Bridgesmith isthe president of Creative Collaborations LLC, a conflict management consultinggroup and Of Counsel to the law firm Bone McAllester Norton. He is an adjunctprofessor of Law at Vanderbilt University Law School and Michigan State Collegeof Law. He is also adjunct professor of Mediation at Belmont UniversityGraduate School of Business and Biomedical Ethics at Albany School of Medicine.He was the founding executive director and associate professor at the Institutefor Conflict Management at Lipscomb University. In these roles, Dr. Bridgesmithbrings over 30 years of experience in conflict management and innovativeworkplace strategies to clients, students, and business entities alike. Dr.Bridgesmith integrates the practical, legal and academic "bestpractices" in dispute resolution strategies in service to his clientrelationships.