CNM Trainers

Debb Wilcox, Director of Evaluation, Center for Nonprofit Management

Debora Wilcox has over 30 years experience as both a client and a research executive in marketing research and evaluation.  Her experience spans a variety of products and services ranging from restaurants to nonprofit agencies.  She has extensive experience in research design, questionnaire construction, analysis, reporting and presentations. 

Debb creates a special personalized “survey tool” to collect data from any or all of the following groups: donors, clients, board members, staff, community leaders and other stakeholders. After collecting data, Debb creates a detailed report with a special focus on the areas of highest importance to your own stakeholders. Debb’s reports have been acclaimed by nonprofit CEOs, foundation leaders, and chief executives of national museums. They have described her results as, “clear and significant,” and have summarized her work by stating her findings have “provided clarity in promoting our mission,” and “provided an opportunity to generate baseline data that is customized to our individual agency services and our clients’ perceptions, thoughts, and needs.”

She designed and implemented a special custom program for the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), Visitors Count!.  This national program assesses museum audience experiences; it has helped more than 125 museums do a better job of strategic planning, marketing, interpretation, etc. in part by statistically determining what actually “drives” a positive museum experience at the individual museum level.  In addition to working with museums with AASLH, she has conducted research for more than 50 human service agencies and foundations.

Debb has addressed by invitation the National American Marketing Association’s Advance Techniques Forum. Her credentials have been accepted by the Federal Court to merit her professional opinions to stand as “expert testimony”. 

Debb has worked with the Center for Nonprofit Management for more than 10 years creating the evaluation program, OpinionPoint.