CNM Trainers

Brad Gray, Consultant, Center for Nonprofit Management

Brad S. Gray, Ph.D. is a specialist in organizational, leadership, and human development with a focus on Global Leadership Development. Brad is the past Vice President for Global Initiatives and Leadership Development for the National Association of Independent Schools in Washington, D.C. prior to going to Washington, he served as Director of the Community Outreach Partnership Center for the Vanderbilt Institute of Public Policy Studies at Vanderbilt University. An independent consultant Brad also leads a consortium of consultants and serves as Adjunct to the Center for Nonprofit Management in Nashville, TN.

Strategic management and organizational development consultant, Brad is widely acclaimed for his practical strategies for solving complex organizational issues and his effective communication skills. He has an in-depth and systemic understanding of how to lead in rapidly changing and complex environments. Brad specializes in global leadership development, strategic planning, organizational re-framing, board development, and performance management. His consulting experience and proven skills include work in public, private and nonprofit sectors for 20 years. Brad is author and co-author of training and development curriculum for executive leadership in the United States as well as in a international context.

During his tenure at Vanderbilt he was Instructor in Human and Organizational Development and Leadership in Organizations and also served as Acting Director for Office of Active Citizenship and Service. Before coming to Vanderbilt Brad worked with Lifeway Resources in a number of roles that included Director of Strategic Initiatives and International Program Director for Global Involvement. He directed project management for national projects and international initiatives. Brad led a national network of volunteers and directed their leadership training and development. He has extensive training and broad experience in leadership and management in the United States and Internationally. He has worked and lived abroad and speaks Spanish fluently.

Brad’s scope of expertise and work experience is global and his involvement is local. Brad has been a leader in Nashville with personal involvement in neighborhood revitalization, particularly linking the resources of the university to the assets of distressed neighborhoods to create partnerships that lead to neighborhood transformation. Community transformation has been the subject of some of his most successful curriculum for strategic community leadership development.