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Co-Occurring Programs Supervisor
Park Center

Date Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2019  

Current Posting Expires: 6/10/2019  
Position Description - Responsibilities and Requirements:




To oversee the co-occurring outpatient programs, supervise program staff, provide therapeutic assessment, provide group and individual sessions, and develop and market program as appropriate




  1. Oversee the Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Program (IOP/OP)
    1. Develop the curricula and program structure, continually evaluating for relevance
    2. Ensure that program staff work effectively and therapeutically with the members.
    3. Manage crisis intervention notification of all necessary agencies (i.e. Mobile Crisis, Police, Ambulance, etc.) for members of the program as needed
    4. Create programming that is rehabilitative and recovery-focused
    5. Ensure smooth transition between levels of care
    6. Oversee weekly clinical/team meetings and bi-monthly meetings with consulting physician


  1. Provide therapeutic interventions in the IOP/OP Programs
    1. Provide therapeutic recovery groups which meet OP/IOP standards as outlined by Licensure, the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, the behavioral health organizations and any other regulatory bodies
    2. Provides one-on-one therapy to members of the program as required.
    3. Provides training to staff on appropriate therapeutic interventions, and on A&D/mental health issues in general.
    4. Works with staff of the program to identify stages of change and to provide services in an intentional way.


  1. Supervise program staff
    1. Supervise the staff working in IOP/OP programs. 
    2. Meet with staff for supervision and document these contacts.
    3. Provide regular feedback, maintain regular exchange of information, meet quarterly to review work plans, and complete annual performance evaluations (and 90-day performance evaluations on new hires) for supervisees
    4. Ensure that staff supervised are familiar with their job description and following agency policies. 
    5. Review and approve staff time of those supervised.
    6. Hire and train new staff in their positions as necessary


  1. Ensure that programs have appropriate documentation in the records:
    1. Ensure that all required paperwork is entered into the EHR. 
    2. Input members into the TN Wits system as necessary
    3. Ensure that all documentation meets quality standards.
    4. Ensure that all accidents/critical incidents that occur are recorded into the EHR within 24 hours of the incident.
    5. Submit Progress Note Audits, Satisfaction Surveys and any other reports requested to the appropriate staff.
    6. Audit charts to ensure compliance to standards.
    7. Develop and maintain outcome measures for the program.


  1. Provide ongoing growth and development of co-occurring services at Park Center
    1. Participate on community committees with other providers of services to this population to develop successful collaborations
    2. Explore ways to increase Park Center’s services to this population
    3. Keep current in ongoing trends and opportunities
    4. Work with supervisor to increase both current and future services
    5. Ensure Park Center’s Co-Occurring services are present at community trainings, exhibiting tables, etc.
    6. Visit other programs to educate them about Park Center and to learn from them ways Park Center can improve


  1. Is responsible for Compliance to Standards:
    1. Ensure adequate coverage is provided for the programs.
    2. Ensure that program meets all licensure and other accrediting and funding body’s requirements.
    3. Ensure that all concurrent reviews are submitted timely.
    4. Meets with outside entities who may monitor the programs.


  1. Ensure appropriate communication is maintained
    1. Check e-mail regularly (minimally daily) and responds as necessary.
    2. Communicate regularly with staff to meet the needs of the members being served.
    3. Inform supervisor of activities in the program on a regular basis.
    4. Attend all meetings as required


  1. Other duties:
    1. Is knowledgeable about the contents of the agency policies and follow them accurately.
    2. Attend all necessary staff meetings and trainings.
    3. Work Christmas or Thanksgiving Day as scheduled.
    4. Complete all required trainings promptly
    5. Other duties as assigned.




  • Enterprising spirit with a goal toward evolving services to meet community needs
  • Ability to create a “team” spirit among program staff
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Strong management and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrate high standards of professional and ethical behavior.
  • LCSW, LPC or other clinical license with experience in the addiction field and at least three years of supervisory experience
  • Must be certified, or be willing to be certified, as a CPRP (Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner).



37.5 hours a week in a building with offices and group rooms.  Open door policy.



Need to be able to sit or stand during the day



Reports to the Director of Recovery Services




This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive and the employee will be expected to perform other reasonably related duties as assigned. Park Center reserves the right to revise or change job tasks and responsibilities.


The Staff Member’s signature below constitutes understanding of the requirements, essential functions and duties of the position.


Job Type: Full-time
Job Categories:
  • Program Management
  • Social Services
Contact Information and Procedure:
Please send resume and cover letter to
Human Resources 801 12th Ave S Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 242-3576 x206
Fax: (615) 242-3580