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Independent Residential Services Peer Coordinator
Park Center

Date Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2019  

Current Posting Expires: 1/12/2020  
Position Description - Responsibilities and Requirements:

Job Title

Independent Residential Services Peer Coordinator

Reports to:

Independent Residential Services Supervisor



Orig. Date

October 2012


September 2019



Reports to the Independent Residential Service Supervisor with responsibility for assisting residents in their daily routines.  Responsible for working with all residents of Park Center housing to increase independence and quality of life.  Serves as resource to other Residential Counselors.


1. Assist residents in their homes with independent living skills:

A.       Educate residents on housing procedures such as paying rent and reporting maintenance concerns.

B.       Get to know all residents in Park Center Residential Services, including the Independent and Supported programs.

C.      Put together and deliver welcome home kits to new residents upon their move in.

D.      Teach residents life skills such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, shopping, laundry, hygiene, recreation, etc.

E.       Assist residents to prepare for home inspection by staff.

F.       Assist residents with medication management concerns and education.

G.      Assist residents with services such as obtaining birth certificates, photo IDs, phone services, bus passes, food stamps, etc.

H.      Connect residents with job opportunities and/or the Park Center Employment team and provide follow-up support.

2. Coordinate support services to ensure resident stabilization in the community:

A.       Inform residents of services and opportunities being offered by Park Center and their community during routine visits. Encourage resident participation in these activities.

B.       Work with case managers and other agency personnel to provide appropriate support services for residents.

C.      Meet with residents monthly for peer support and complete documentation as it is due.

D.      Evaluate, modify and add necessary services.

E.       Refer and link residents to needed services as indicated.

3. Record-Keeping Duties:

A.       Maintain documentation of all visits, attempted visits, phone calls, etc. in AWARDS.

B.       Complete all resident Crisis Plans, Releases of Information and Member Rights and Responsibilities as these documents are due within AWARDS.

C.      Update resident face sheets as needed to ensure that resident phone number, case manager, emergency contact information, etc. is accurate.

D.      Maintain a monthly visitation sheet of all coordinator's visits with members.

E.       Finalizes this document and provides it to supervisor each month by 4th business day.


F.       Maintains Paperwork Report, tracking all PC paperwork due for each resident and upcoming due dates. Finalizes this and provides a copy to supervisor each month.

G.      Tracks Community Integration and Physical Health Care practices for each member and provides quarterly numbers to Housing Director once per quarter for review.

4. Teach interpersonal relationship skills to roommates to foster cooperation:

A.       Assess situation to determine cooperation among roommates.

B.       Meet with residents to discuss conflicts/concerns/problems.

C.      Set goals with residents regarding interpersonal skills.

D.      Assist residents to carry out goals.

E.       Assists in roommate mediation and conflict resolution. Assists residents in setting goals for more effective and harmonious cohabitation.


5. Develop recovery plans/crisis plans with residents, and complete all other annual/bi-annual documentation:

A.       Complete all annual/bi-annual paperwork with residents as it is scheduled in AWARDS, including recovery plans, recovery plan reviews, crisis plans, releases of information, member rights and responsibility, etc.

B.       Revise and modify recovery plans with residents as needed.

C.      Document all resident progress in AWARDS.

D.      Peer Support members specifically: assists members receiving peer support to set specific goals for peer support work. Reviews Peer Support Recovery plans with members every 6 months.

6. Public/Staff relations:

A.       Attend all scheduled team meetings and keep appropriate staff informed of issues regarding residents.

B.       Coordinate with team to prepare units for resident move ins/move outs, making sure that the unit is cleaned and furnishings have been delivered by Maintenance. Report completion to Supervisor.

C.      Coordinate food box, gym, grocery, laundry and other trips with fellow coordinators to ensure coverage.

D.      Assist with the delivery of the monthly housing newsletter around the 1st of the month.

E.       Submit all reports of maintenance issues/concerns to Supervisor.

F.       Utilize voice mail and email to communicate with housing staff.

G.      Communicate regularly with housing staff to meet needs of residents and plan coverage if needed.

H.      Work as a team player with other staff.

7.       Values cultural competence and diversity

A.       Collaborates with staff, members, and the community to gain the perspectives of others having diverse opinions, abilities, values, beliefs, perspectives, and ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

B.       Takes deliberate steps to increase own cultural competency by attending trainings, events, discussions, workshops, etc.

8.       Other duties as a Park Center staff member:

A.       Develop new programs and services as needed.

B.       Attend weekly staff and supervision meetings.

C.      Assist with housing events/outings.

D.      Participate in on-call rotation.

E.       Maintain good attendance in the program and inform supervisor in advance of annual leave or other time off.

F.       Follow all Personnel Policies.

G.      Record time daily in ADP.

H.      Other duties as assigned.



·         A peer specialist is someone who has lived experience with mental illness, substance use or homelessness and is in recovery. This person should be willing to identify this experience and obtain a Peer Specialist Certification.

·         Bachelor’s from an accredited college in social work, sociology or a related field and one-year experience in a mental health or social service setting.

·         Associates degree from an accredited college in a related filed and three years’ experience

·         Ability to work independently and with a team.

·         Ability to meet deadlines.

·         Good communication skills.

·         Strong ethical and professional behaviors.

·         Ability to use good judgment and decision making

·         Must possess a valid driver’s license with F endorsement.

·         Must be able to show proof of personal automobile insurance.

·         Must be insurable under Park Center's automobile insurance.



·         Will have a desk, a workstation, and iPad, and a shared office.

·         Able to operate with many distractions

·         Routine office environment

·         Potential to encounter clients with unpredictable behavior

·         Able/willing to use personal vehicle to transport clients

·         Able/willing to operate a large van/bus to transport clients



·         Able to sit for long periods of time

·         Able to move or lift over ten pounds

·         Must be able to see, hear and speak




There are no positions that report to the Peer Coordinator


This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive and the employee will be expected to perform other reasonably related duties as assigned. Park Center reserves the right to revise or change job tasks and responsibilities.


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Job Type: Full-time
Contact Information and Procedure:
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