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Emerging Adults Program Coordinator
Park Center

Date Posted: Friday, October 26, 2018  

Current Posting Expires: 12/26/2018  
Position Description - Responsibilities and Requirements:


Full-time position responsible for directing the activities in the psychiatric rehabilitation program and providing direct service to members to assist them in their recovery.


1.       Is responsible for leading member training in the Unit and in Groups/Classes:

A.      Trains members to complete daily tasks through repetition, example, and working side-by side with them whenever possible.

B.      Uses creativity in developing tasks appropriate to the unit.

C.     Ensures that tasks are completed well (i.e. receptionist, building cleanliness, lunch)

D.     Develops and leads groups and classes on a regular schedule with other staff.

E.      Is intentional to have face-to-face and small group contacts throughout the day with the members, engages members in conversations about their recovery.

2.  Works with members to design a plan for their recovery and progress at Park Center:

A.      Meet with members to explore their goals and to develop a service plan which will help them take steps toward recovery.  Ensures members take the primary role in the development of this plan.

B.      Holds weekly discussions with members regarding progress toward their goals.

C.     Provides continual feedback to members, emphasizing strengths, always praising publicly and providing negative feedback privately.

D.     Conducts meetings daily to review daily tasks and to discuss recovery issues.

E.      Ensures those who are not attending are called and encouraged to return to the program.

3.  Responsible for completing all aspects of the person’s chart:

A.      Ensures all chart information is completed in the timeline provided by Park Center.

B.      Ensures that all information is in the chart, signed as required, and of high quality, clearly understood by members, other staff, and monitoring sources.

C.     Inputs all face-to-face and group contacts as they occur.

D.     Inputs daily attendance accurately.

E.      Maintains member information in a manner consistent with the Confidentiality Policy.


4.  Coordinates all unit functions for the program:

A.      When working with members on environmental tasks, the Program Coordinator ensures that the building, grounds and equipment are maintained and that health code and licensure regulations for the building are maintained.  Works with members to train them in completing Environmental tasks well, working side-by-side with them whenever possible.

B.      When working with members on clerical tasks, the Program Coordinator ensures that tasks are completed in a professional manner.  Works with members to train them in completing Clerical tasks well, working side-by-side with them whenever possible

C.     When working with members on food service tasks, the program coordinator ensures that lunch is prepared each day, that the food is ordered, and that the kitchen meets health code and licensure regulations.  Works with members to train them in completing Food Service tasks well, working side-by-side with them whenever possible

D.     All Coordinators remain within their budgets and will keep up with expenditures.

E.      Ensures that all members are receiving quality services, tailored and designed to meet their level of need.

F.      Works with other staff to provide quality groups and classes throughout the day.

5.  Assists members in employment preparedness:


A.      Ensures that employment is discussed regularly with the members, and that all members who are ready to be placed into employment are referred to the Employment Staff.

B.      Is responsible to assist members in the unit who are interested in employment in working on their employment goals.

C.     Ensures members interested in employment have appropriate documentation (ID’s, etc.)

6.       Values cultural competence and diversity

A.      Collaborates with staff, members, and the community to gain the perspectives of others having diverse opinions, abilities, values, beliefs, perspectives, and ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

B.      Takes deliberate steps to increase own cultural competency by attending trainings, events, discussions, workshops, etc.

7.  Other Duties:

A.      Attends all required meetings

B.      Participates in parties, member meetings, and other clubhouse activities as required.

C.     Works on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day as scheduled.

D.     While not responsible to set up transportation with members, Program Coordinators work with any problems in transportation to ensure that the members have a ride home.

E.      Responsible for driving designated housing residents to and from the program, daily.   Ensures that all members have left before departing for the day.

F.      Completes all required trainings annually.

G.     Other duties as assigned.



·         Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Sociology or related field with applicable experience and one year experience in the mental health field.

·         Experience with youth-empowerment and youth-driven services may be substituted, year- for -year for the Bachelor’s degree.

·         Ability to work as team member

·         Ability to meet deadlines

·         Ability to use computer systems

·         Ability to relate well with others

·         Ability to work in a professional and ethical manner

·         Specialized license or certification that meets skill sets needed for the position (e.g. A&D Certification/CODA/Peer Specialist training)

·         Must be insurable through Park Center


  • Will have a desk, workstation, and an office
  • Able to operate with many distractions
  • Routine office environment


  • Able to sit or stand for long periods of time
  • Able to move or lift over ten pounds




This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive and the employee will be expected to perform other reasonably related duties as assigned. Park Center reserves the right to revise or change job tasks and responsibilities.

Job Type: Full-time
Contact Information and Procedure:
801 12th Ave South Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 242-3576 x208