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The Spot Coordinator
Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership(ENP)

Date Posted: Monday, December 17, 2018  

Current Posting Expires: 2/15/2019  
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The Spot Coordinator

Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership

Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership (ENP) offers three primary programs, one of them named The Spot, an after-school program for middle and high school girls. Located on the Edgehill United Methodist Church (EUMC) campus, The Spot is a safe place where teenage girls from the Edgehill Neighborhood can come and engage in positive relationships as they work to become their best selves.  It is a place where they can enjoy a meal together, get to know each other, explore their interests, receive help with homework, play games, build community and learn to be leaders.  Additionally, there are field trips, college visits, vocational experiences, educational opportunities, and fun activities throughout the year. Core values of The Spot include creating a community of trust by listening and respecting each other's unique voices, building resilience and knowledge of how the world works, developing personal values, and taking individual responsibility for choices.  The Spot currently meets every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 2:30-5:30 pm. 

The Spot Coordinator will:

1. Develop relationships with the girls enrolled at The Spot and their parents/caregivers

2.  Plan and lead programs to develop skills listed above utilizing Spot Curriculum and other resources.

3.  Design programming for the summer months and school breaks

4.  Create partnerships and work with other community organizations to achieve the goals of The Spot

5.  Liaison with ENP leadership and The Spot Core Team to monitor progress, set goals, problem-solve, etc. 

6.  Liaison with EUMC staff re policies, use of space, scheduling, logistical and administrative matters relating to the Spot.     

7.  Create a space that is welcoming for new students to attend

8.  Recruit, schedule and equip volunteers

9.  Work with EUMC’s after-school program director to provide a bridge for 5th grade graduate girls to attend the Spot middle school program without a gap.

10. Develop a strategy to engage families in generational poverty or have experienced violent dislocation from their country of origin. 


This position is starting at 20 hours per week with the opportunity for it to become a full-time position.



Educational background: college degree

Experience: Experience working with adolescents from diverse backgrounds as well as some teaching experience. The ideal candidate will have an understanding of trauma-informed practices and a heart for this age group and this type of work

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Job Type: Part-time
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  • Program Management
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