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Supported Living House Manager
Homeplace, Inc.

Date Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2019  

Current Posting Expires: 3/11/2019  
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Job Summary

POSITION: Supported Living House Manager


IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Administrative Manager

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  High School Diploma with a combination of at least one-year supervisory experience. 

OTHER QUALIFICATIONS: The ability to communicate clearly in oral and written form.  For some assignments, a valid driver's license and a driving record that is acceptable from a risk management perspective.  The physical ability to assist in lifting individuals receiving services may be required.  Professionalism in dress and conduct, as well as appropriate representation of the agency through adherence to office etiquette standards, is expected.  The position may need some work in the evenings and weekends.

POSITION SUMMARY:  Responsible for the development and supervision of Direct Support Professionals ensuring professional services as outlined in individual service plans. Facilitates DSP training and ensures requirements are met.  Responsible for day-to-day issues regarding assigned supervisory and program issues that may arise.  The position entails a high degree of accountability and consequence of error. The job duties and performance expectations are based on the mission, vision, and core values of the agency.  


Person-Centered Planning and Services:

1.       Works with Direct Support Professionals, management, and additional stakeholders to ensure service implementation of Individual Service Plans -ISP (Participate in the annual ISP meeting). 

2.       Trains, observes, monitors, and provides feedback to staff regarding the implementation of the ISPs. (Train staff on ISP and ensure that all goals are communicated accurately in documentation).    

3.       Supports persons served in making and maintaining relationships with family and friends as they desire.  

4.       Ensure that documentation is kept, reviewed and approved to complete monthly reviews submitted to individual support Coordinator by the 20th of every month. 

5.       Develop an individual relationship with the residents to gain an understanding of the unique needs and desires.

6.       Comply with policy and procedures as outlined in the organization procedure manual.

Health and Safety: 

1.       Ensures medical needs of individuals are met. (Following up on noted medical concerns, providing current and accurate documentation and communication relating to the individual’s medical needs, and ensuring medication prescriptions are filled and picked up/dropped off promptly).

2.       Ensure that all medications and medical treatment supplies are ordered, delivered and stocked promptly.

3.       Completes weekly medication reviews to ensure medications are being administered by the agency’s policy and procedure.  

4.       Ensure that incident reports are completed, submitted and recorded promptly. 

5.       Maintains an appropriate physical environment which includes maintenance requests and monitoring the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the house. 

Financial Supports:

1.       Manage individual personal accounts and resources including tracking monthly groceries, supplies and personal expense expenditures (including tracking data on all receipts and totals in Therap).

2.       Manage and track expenses by the assigned budget created by the Administration Manager. 

3.       Complete and update individual’s property checklist


1.       Schedule and co-facilitate monthly staff meetings to convey pertinent information promptly. 

2.       Train, monitor, and update supervisees on all aspects of direct service provisions.  Ensuring a high-quality of services are provided based on individual service plans (training to include orientation, staffing, online training, etc.)

3.       Schedule, review, manage and approve all clock hours, leave hours, and over-time by the staffing and supervisory plan and submit payroll accordingly.

4.       Responsible for all aspects of the supervisory caseload including the development and discipline of supervisees (including coaching, mentoring, and completion of evaluations within established timelines). 

5.       Responsible for establishing positive internal/external working relationships with all stakeholders.

6.       Provide prompt information to supervisees and communicate constructive and timely feedback respectfully and honestly. 


1.       Participate in the on-call rotation.

2.       Recruit new direct care prospects by posting positions, scheduling and setting up interviews. 

3.       Ensure home is well stocked with needed items (schedule weekly grocery trips and quarterly food bank visits).  

4.       Ensure that monthly state-mandated inspections are completed (emergency drills, vehicle checks, home inspections).

5.       Works a specified number of budgeted direct care hours

6.       Complete additional duties as assigned

Job Type: Full-time
Contact Information and Procedure:
If interested please email your resume to
Lynece Benton-Stewart 1318 Acklen Ave Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: (615) 596-6346
Fax: (615) 297-6671