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Program Director
The New Beginnings Center

Date Posted: Friday, January 11, 2019  

Current Posting Expires: 2/8/2019  
Position Description - Responsibilities and Requirements:

The New Beginnings Center Program Director

 job description below is an outline of the responsibilities of the role.  These are subject to change as organizational needs change.


General Summary:


·      The director of programs has an externally facing role managing relationships in the community with a heavy emphasis on team management and development, and establishing standards of performance across all programs.


·      Run day-to-day operations pertaining to all programs


·      Responsible for maintaining the integrity of all TNBC programs, meeting strategic plan goals and objectives and achieving meaningful outcomes.


·      Reports directly to President/CEO



Principal Duties and Responsibilities:



- Seek and cultivate partnerships with other non-profit organizations, corporations, institutions, etc. to strengthen TNBC’s impact.




- Manages all staff, coaching staff, and student interns, to ensure expectations are communicated and results are meet

            - Manages all staff onboarding paperwork

            - Manages/Implements new hire training

            - Hires all satellite coaches 

- Ensures all coaches who have access to personal client information are HIPAA certified and adhere to HIPAA policy.

- Manages inventory of all satellite equipment and helps transport equipment to new locations.

- Regularly observes and evaluates coaching staff

- Organizes volunteers for New Beginnings classes, Health Fairs, student intern projects, and other events throughout the year.  

- Develop volunteer recruitment and retention plans




            - Keep record of all incoming applications

            - Notify referral partners of all upcoming class start dates

- Network with other appropriate organizations & companies via email, in-person, and mailed recruiting packets, to increase program applications

- Process all applications, ensure appropriate paperwork is submitted for each client, and organize files in accordance with HIPAA policy. 

- Prepares all class group data sheets in preparation for classes

- Receives and tracks all sliding scale class payments 

- Promotes and works New Beginnings events such as: Open Houses, Workshops, Fundraisers, Online Giving Days, Health Fairs, etc.





-      Organize one workshop per month for clients and Nashville community (nutritional, food prep, mindfulness, wellness, safety, trauma, stress management, decluttering, yoga, etc.)

-      Communicate workshop marketing needs to head of marketing

-      Track all RSVP’s prior and attendance numbers post-workshop





-      Accurately records and tracks all client data for duration of the program

-      Collects data from satellite coaches monthly

-      Keeps up-to-date record of numbers served at all locations YTD

-      Schedules client follow-up throughout the year and collects data via email, phone, in-person surveys




Ideal candidates will be:


-      Results driven

-      Have excellent interpersonal skills

-      Self-starter with creative talents

-      Highly Organized and detail oriented

-      Able to multi-task efficiently

-      Experienced in Staff Management

-      Experience in Excel

-      Experienced in Microsoft Office

-      Undergraduate Degree Required  

Job Type: Full-time
Job Categories:
  • Clerical/Data Entry
  • Event Planning
  • General Management
  • Program Management
Contact Information and Procedure:
Please email resume and references to
Tash Weddle 509 Craighead Street Suite #100 Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: (615) 432-2579