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SOAR Regional Coordinator
Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System(VBHCS)

Date Posted: Friday, February 08, 2019  

Current Posting Expires: 4/9/2019  
Position Description - Responsibilities and Requirements:

The SOAR program identifies people experiencing homelessness who are eligible for SSI or SSDI benefits and assists them in applying for these benefits. TheSOAR Regional Coordinator performs the following duties: Edits and supports SSI and SSDI benefit applications prepared by anyone in the region when submitted for people experiencing homelessness to ensure applications from this region are complete and approvable; Convenes and leads local SOAR support meetings to advise and encourage those working with people experiencing homelessness in preparing and submitting complete and approvable applications; Accumulates and reports to the State’s Office of Housing and Homeless Services the number of SOAR applications submitted in the region, the percentage of these applications that are approved on first submission, and the time between submission of the application and notification of its initial approval or disapproval; Serves as liaison between people submitting SOAR applications and the Social Security Administration and Eligibility Determination offices.

Location of position to be determined.


Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a health related field. Experience working with the homeless population and/or at risk of homelessness population. 

Job Type: Full-time
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Please submit resume by fax or email.  

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