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Read to Succeed Executive Director
Read To Succeed

Date Posted: Friday, September 08, 2017  

Current Posting Expires: 11/7/2017  
Position Description - Responsibilities and Requirements:

About Read to Succeed: 
Read To Succeed was established in the summer of 2003. Paul Vaughan, Managing Director of the Jennings and Rebecca Jones Foundation, met with professionals who were involved in literacy programs in Murfreesboro. He offered the Foundation’s resources as support to a new community literacy initiative and this group of dedicated educators, social workers, agency directors, community helpers and volunteers became the Read To Succeed Council. This community partnership was created to promote reading in Rutherford County, with emphasis on family literacy. Read to Succeed creates Reading in the Schools Day, Reading Rally, Read To Bee, Reader Training, Imagination Station, UNPLUG and Read!, One Book, Families That Read Succeed and a tutoring program for adults. 

RTS Mission: 

Read To Succeed improves lives in Rutherford County by offering free literacy programs and events for adults and children.

The position of the Executive Director 
The Executive Director is responsible for the philosophical, legal, fundraising and managerial oversight of Read To Succeed to ensure that the nonprofit is acting consistently with the RTS mission statement. The Executive Director works closely and collaboratively with employees, volunteers, and community partners. 


In particular, the Executive Director must possess the following skill sets: 

• Ability to inspire volunteers, financial donors, staff and the Rutherford County community. 

• Ability to organize and execute annual events and ongoing literacy programs. 

• Ability to develop and maintain an effective organization, including both short-term problem-solving and long-term planning. It is the executive’s board desire to see Read To Succeed grow throughout Rutherford County. 

• The ability to plan and implement administrative systems that effectively carry out the program’s mission, goals, and objectives. 

• Ability to administer effectively a program of personnel management and staff development. This includes volunteer teacher and staff recruitment, hiring, and a system of continuous promotion of Read To Succeed. This involves working closely with local educational systems, adult learning programs, the media, other nonprofit organizations, and government entities. 

• Ability to foster good community relations. This includes but is not limited to: knowledge of community services and functions; including personal / business related relationships with the local public schools; the city of Murfreesboro, MTSU, the town of Smyrna, LaVergne and Rutherford County Government. This also means attending community events that may take place during the evening hours and / or on the weekend. 

• Financial management ability. The competent director will assume responsibility for financial management including: setting and monitoring an annual budget; following regular accounting practices including yearly audits; conducting payroll and recommending adjustments to the board; mobilizing needed resources, including the use of fundraising, marketing, unrelated business income, and grant writing proposals and the use of grants. 

Exact Duties include: 
• Professionally represent RTS to the community 
• Plan for and preside over RTS Council meetings 
• Oversee Adult Literacy programs
• Oversee Family Literacy programs and events 
• Maintain budget and oversee expenditures 
• Support coordination of press releases and PR materials 
• Assist in locating and securing funding sources to support RTS (i.e. grants, annual fundraising event), as well as assisting in funding presentations or representing RTS during funding calls 
• Strategic Planning, short-term and long-term goal setting
• Manage membership to ProLiteracy and other professional associations 
• Report to and provide guidance and support to Board of Directors
• Assist in recruiting new members to Board of Directors and Council 
• Grow and maintain community collaborations 
• Participate on community Boards/ Councils 
•  Hire and supervise RTS staff 
• The ability to SPEAK IN PUBLIC to large groups and find opportunities to do so

The ideal candidate
Applicants should have proven success in developing a long term vision for their organization. An ideal candidate will have experience in the development and implementation of a multi-stage strategic plan. In addition, knowledge of capital campaigns, facility development and management, and know how to form strategic alliances with community stakeholders would be helpful in aiding the growth and development of Read To Succeed. 

As the primary face of Read To Succeed, the Executive Director must be a strong communicator, and have strong fundraising skills.

Salaries are commensurate with experience and within the constraints of the budget of our non-profit organization. Up to $40,000-$45,000 annually/DOE. 

The Application Process 
Please submit a resume and detailed cover letter/personal statement, along with three references (1 former supervisor, 1 former staff member/co-worker, 1 professional).

Job Type: Full-time
Job Categories:
  • Executive Director/CEO
Contact Information and Procedure:
Email resume to

Brian Coleman